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ou don't know how you arrived here. What you remember of your past is foggy at best. All you know for certain now, is that you were chosen for a journey you didn't ask for. You arrive in Providence in a ruined keep on a hill. Here, you discover a single token of help: a Ring of Power. It calls to you, and brings out a power and potential you may not have known you ever had. There is an unknown force that threatens to consume this world. You have been tasked by a mysterious entity, only known as the 'Benefactor', to stop this force of destruction. But how you go about that is very much up to you.

Providence RP is a "people-with-powers" roleplay that focuses on exploring a chaotic world and making the unknown known. It is a world of imagination and strength of will, where belief and expectation play a major role in shaping reality itself.

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 01. Board Rules, Roleplaying Codex
 Posted: Mar 30 2016, 03:59 PM

played by Me
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Out of Character Rules

• Conduct yourself civilly towards other members. Don't provoke, use hate speech, troll, or attack others.
• Be mindful of what is being discussed. Please do not discuss crude or controversial topics within the cbox or in the forums. While civil debates can err on the side of this, we would prefer if anything that could alienate other members from participating in the conversation to be discussed off the forum.
• Providence RP is an account per character site - an OOC account is also recommended as a primary account and in case of NPC updates or discussion.
• That said, there is no character limit.
• Providence is animanga, but (celebrity) playbys and original artwork are also permitted as face claims.
• Don't confuse IC and OOC interactions as the same. Please keep personal affairs out of in-character interactions. If you have a beef with another person, it's generally better to just not write with them for a time.
• Signatures should not stretch the board. We prefer your character accounts to not have signatures. Signatures can be disabled within the board settings of your control panel if you prefer to browse topics without them.
• Avatar sizes are 200 x 300px, and the smaller one is 70 x 70px. Please adhere to the sizes for correct display of graphics and images.

In Character Rules

• Godmodding, metagaming, and powerplaying are not permitted. If you aren't familiar with these terms, here is a straightforward description of them.
• Explicitly sexual or violent scenes should be marked as "Mature" via a topic pip or within the title.
• Infallible characters are unacceptable, and admins may at any time ask you to limit your powerset if they feel you've crossed a line into overpowered.
• We are an original setting; original characters only. Inserts of parodies of characters in other media are acceptable, but their technology and overview should first and foremost reflect our setting.
• You are welcome to use doHTML templates for forum posts, but as many of our members access the site on mobile devices or larger screen resolutions, more complex templates are rendered unreadable. We request you to use simple templates with a minimum font size of 10-11px / 0.9em, readable font colours, and no transitions or small (under 450px) text areas that could hinder readability.
• Thread Authors control their story. They typically have final say of their story and are the arbitrators of any conflicts of interest within them. But if you feel an author is treating you unfairly, bring it up with them first before going to an admin.
• Posting guidelines are: No word minimum. English only. Final Destination.
 Posted: May 4 2016, 02:28 PM

played by triple H
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C-Box & Discord Rules

• Do not advertise. Please use the correct advertising forums instead.
• Do not use the cbox to roleplay. Mild IC interaction for quick reactions to scenes or plotting is tolerated, but not excessive roleplays that should happen within a thread, or chatting to people as your character. You may roleplay in the #memes Discord channel, however.
• Board rules regarding civil behaviour still apply within the cbox and Discord channels.
• Do not derail active conversation by linking unrelated offsite content excessively. The cbox is a place for discussion, and while sharing links are fine, excessive sharing without consideration of your fellow members is not acceptable.

Tagbox Rules

• You can tag replies and responses to threads, applications, absences, mission sign-ups, or anything that requires the attention of specific people or to everyone.
• OOC usernames should be used as your username, and you should tag character names within your messages.
• Do not comment on tags, except in the case for fixing your own broken links. The tagbox is not a place for discussion or to push people to post. Giving notice to people is fine, but it should be done without passive-aggressive or inflammatory behaviour.
• You can use boxcode or paste the URL directly. The format accepted is "tag @ Name [link]" or to put the URL [url= ] [/ url] between the topic title. There is a word limit of 100 characters in order to keep tags brief.
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